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IASI Mission

  • To advance and promote the highest professional standards for Structural Integration
  • To preserve the foundation, and support the continued evolution of the art, science, and philosophy of Structural Integration
  • To represent the interests of Structural Integration professionals to the public, regulatory agencies, and other professions
The International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) is the professional membership organization for Structural Integration. Founded in 2002, IASI sprang up as a grassroots organization from within the profession to set standards, move towards certification, ensure the continuation of a professional identity, and promote Structural Integration’s continued growth as a respected profession in the healthcare field.

Working for the Success of SI Professionals

To fulfill our mission IASI promotes and advances the field of Structural Integration.



Improving the Credibility of the Structural Integration Profession

IASI funded the development of the only certification exam for structural integration. The exam is a powerful representation to other professions that we are a unique profession. All professions that have credibility have recognized schools, a certification exam, a distinct body of knowledge, and a professional membership organization. In the decade since our formation we have satisfied these requirements and continue to do more.

Increasing Public Awareness

IASI consistently takes every opportunity possible to increase public awareness and properly represent the field of structural integration. Through multi-media opportunities, face to face meetings, and an ever growing member base, we are spreading the word that our hands can shape the world.

Legislative Support

IASI stays on top of the latest efforts in legislation and we do our best to inform and affect the law when possible. Our member surveys have concluded that structural integrators want the profession to be recognized as distinct form of health care. Though this is a difficult and time consuming task, IASI is committed to climbing this mountain with patience and perseverance.

IASI works for legislation which will allow Structural Integrators to maintain their unique place in the health care field, practicing free of unnecessary restrictions. The IASI Board of Directors recognize that in order to maintain that freedom, we as a profession must accept responsibility for:
  • Overseeing and improving standards of practice and training
  • Maintaining a code of ethics and grievance procedures
  • Building a quality continuing education program
  • Communicating and networking for its members

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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