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Dr. Herbert Grassmann - Neurofascial Integration
Dr. Herbert Grassmann - Neurofascial Integration
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Presented by: Dr. Herbert Grassmann

There is a great need for a psychological and neurobiological understanding of bodily processes. The ongoing interdisciplinary dispute and newest research findings underline the important role of fascia in the field of proprioception, interception, and nociception. If the fascia is one of our richest sensory organs, what do we know about the sensory capacity of fascia? From the perspective of somatic psychotherapy, we are familiar with working with the sensory system. Psychological and neurobiological principles help us to understand the exciting relationship between Neuropsychology and Fascia. Most professional education is focused on specific techniques to elicit change however, little attention is paid to "the container in which change happens". It's crucial that providers working to facilitate therapeutic change understand how the body stores stress, trauma, and chronic pain, and the subsequent impact on receptivity to change.

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