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Jean Louise Green-Unraveling Fascial Rotation Ptns
Jean Louise Green-Unraveling Fascial Rotation Ptns
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By Jean Louise Green

Have you noticed how differently your clients’ feet and legs lie on the treatment room table in a supine position? I have been super pleased about that lately, as I see more and more of my client’s lying supine on the table with both of their feet and toes pointing straight up! Why is that significant to me? Because it is an indicator of how thoroughly and successfully we have been addressing the myofascial patterns of rotation in a 3- dimensional manner in their body. Less twist in their body means less strain. Less strain means more freedom, ease, and connection with subtler life force energies through their Line! Fascial tissue rotation patterns are the result of how the body adapts to strain. For years I have been observing them in my own body and addressing them in the bodies of my clients. This process has been teaching me and it has been so effective and educational for my clients, that I realized that I needed to share it with other practitioners. How I address rotation patterns in the body helps my clients understand them. It provides a template for them to optimize their own body mechanics and minimize putting those rotation patterns back in. This empowers the clients to make even better choices in how they manage their own bodies and supports lasting results in their Structural Integration work.

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