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Aleš Urbanczik - Fascial Layers
Aleš Urbanczik - Fascial Layers
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Presented by Aleš Urbanczik

Actual manipulative work with fascia calls to mind the lowly onion. Layer lies within layer. Deeper layers can be affected only as more superficial ones lose the rigidity that is the signature of imbalance.” IPR, A Contribution to the Understanding of Stress, Confin. psychiat. 16: 69-79 (1973). When we speak about the individual sessions of the Basic Series we usually speak of muscles and not of fascial layers. We usually say we are working e.g. "on the trapezius”. Peeling an onion, however would mean separating, in the above example, the fascial layer surrounding the trapezius, from e.g. the fascial layer surrounding the levator scapulae. Using the information from Carla Stecco's Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System we will take a look at the layering of fascia and the invested muscular structure of each layer.

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