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Monica Canducci - Self-work
Monica Canducci - Self-work
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Self-work: how the practical work we do on ourselves can improve our practice, the results we achieve, and our clients’ body-mind health

Presented by: Monica Canducci

Self-work is fundamental for those who practice Structural Integration. It is not only a very important way to keep working actively on ourselves, but also to educate our clients on the ownership of their body. If it’s important to receive work, regularly or occasionally, and it’s even more important to develop a responsible and proactive attitude towards our general body-mind health. The easiest work we can do on ourselves and teach our clients can be a combination of self-massage, breathing, and movement explorations, integrated with the use of simple mental images. This would improve not only our clients’ posture and the way they deal with gravity, but increase also their sense of general wellbeing, self-awareness, and body image. Moreover, in case some clients would feel uncomfortable receiving some specific work, or cannot receive the work in person, we can teach them how to work on themselves under our supervision, in person, or remotely.

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