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Jeffrey Burch - Recognizing Musculoskeletal Pain
Jeffrey Burch - Recognizing Musculoskeletal Pain
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Recognizing When Musculoskeletal Pain Presented by: Jeffrey Burch

For each internal organ, there is a distinctive pattern of pain referral to musculoskeletal structures. This has been well mapped and described. The organ problem creating the musculoskeletal pain can be either current pathology in the organ or fibrosity from prior problems. Knowing these pain patterns and associated signs and symptoms can lead to both making appropriate medical referrals and knowing where to work on organ support structures and glide planes to reduce pain and improve mobility. This webinar is an in-depth introduction to these pain referral patterns. The book Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy by Catherine Goodman and Teresa Snyder will be extensively referenced in this webinar. Additional concepts from French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral will also be presented.

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