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Jeffrey Burch - Andrew Taylor Still Osteopathic Te
Jeffrey Burch - Andrew Taylor Still Osteopathic Te
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Andrew Taylor Still (1831–1917) was the founder of Osteopathy. A highly creative person, he developed and used many treatment methods. He wanted his students to also be creative in finding solutions for their patients. To this end, he taught anatomy and principles of treatment, but few of his own techniques as he wanted his students to develop their own treatment methods. There is only one brief video of him performing a treatment. This grainy, silent, ten-second-long clip shown Still doing something with a patient's shoulder. Over a 10-year period, Richard van Buskirk watched this clip thousands of times and studied the notes from Still's original students. From this study, he developed a powerful and versatile technique. While van Buskirk originally used this technique to mobilize joints, it can be applied with great success to various areas of the body and a wide range of tissue types. This webinar will teach two variations of van Buskirk's method and how to apply them. From this webinar, participants will be able to adapt this method for use on most tissue types and body parts.

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