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Michael Feldman - 3-Dimensional Puzzle
Michael Feldman - 3-Dimensional Puzzle
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Masses and Spaces Considering the Body as a 3-Dimensional Puzzle Presented by: Michael Feldman

Human bodies consist of parts: Bones, Muscles, Organs, Glands, Nerves, etc… Each is wrapped in a woven, fibrous material called connective tissue which shape and protect. These are the Masses. Between these structures, the Spaces, is another form of connective tissue, a web of fluid-filled filaments. Tubes of water acting as a supple, buoyant network for the nervous system to communicate and adapt to the needs and demands of each and every mass suspended in it, balancing the body both structurally and physiologically. Considering structures and relationships via the alignment of the space between the masses, rather than the shape or function of the structures themselves, might allow for an alternative view to assess new strategies for both manual and movement therapies. Using touch as a tactile reference to determine and restore coherent alignment and observing the masses in relation to each other while in motion, may provide a new way of cuing the body to more efficient movement patterns.

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