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Mary Bond - Body Awareness
Mary Bond - Body Awareness
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Essential Body Awareness: Proprioceptive Foundations for Sustainable SI Presented by: Mary Bond

Join us for an experiential webinar. We'll explore body awareness lessons relevant to the 10-series. Participants will need space to move around and a chair that allows hip joints to be positioned at a higher level than knees. The workshop is open to IASI members, their clients, and other somatic educators—anyone interested in standing, walking, and breathing with more efficiency and comfort. When we speak about teaching “movement” for SI, we are really talking about helping our clients notice the sensations of what they are doing and find ways to exchange unsupportive body use for habits that serve them better. Many SI practitioners do not have time or the training to offer sensorimotor sessions per se but wish to find ways to incorporate basic functional awareness into their SI sessions. The first step is to have a clear understanding and personal embodiment of supportive body use. Your own functional integration is the foundation for identifying the sensations that your client needs to feel. Body awareness “lessons” can be brief if you know how to get to the heart of things. This is Mary Bond’s special expertise and it is her joy to share her insights with you.

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